Skipalakur is an Icelandic Farm Holidays guesthouse located close to Egilsstadir (NW, 2.5km), East Iceland. For more information or questions please contact us.
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Skipalaekur received some visitors today but they were a little jumpy and didn’t stay for lunch.

The other day a female fox was curling around on the paddock, we wonder what to expect next…

A walk around our backyard.12.03.10

Spring is defiantly here, it is warm enough to take a comfortable walk and take some photos of the moss and rocks emerging from the snow.


We do remember…24.02.10

…the days of summer by Lake Lagarfljót.
This is the view from two of our B&B category I houses, rooms with shared facilities.

Ice seasons of winter-spring-winter19.02.10

The last days have been pretending to bring spring. Even the imported plants got confused but the Icelandic once know that before Easter spring is not in Iceland, no matter what. Yesterday winter kicked in again with the calm white darkness of snowfall and a carpet of powder snow over everything.

Peaking through the curtains we saw that winter was back
Waking up, peaking through the curtains
After the snow the sun came out and we cleaned the steps and went for a walk.
Granny's Skipalaekur
The layer of powder was stunning and fun to walk on but made the icey bits incredibly slippery.
Fresh powder snow

Lake Lagarfljót and its glacier water were so cold that the freshly fallen snow did not melt but flowed on the surface of the water
Snow on water
Returning home after this short walk we couldn’t see Skipalækur!
dark of whiteness
The steps were filled with snow again and we decided inside was the way to go, winter is back – or actually, it was always there
Snowy outside

Voila Bolla Bolla.15.02.10

15th of February in Iceland is better than valentines day because it is BUN DAY!
Bolla MixtureBolla TwirlUncooked BollaFresh hot BollaBollaBolla Bolla Bolla Bolla Bolla Bolla Voila Bolla

Granny’s craft14.02.10

Granny’s production line is on full in winter. The stack of woolen goods is getting higher and more diverse every day. Man she is quick! As I knit a third of a vest she has knitted a pull-over and a vest. Follow up for updates soon.

A small hike into Skipalaekur back country12.02.10

_MG_2725View over Skipalaekur _MG_2743Grettistak on Mount Ekkjufell – gently put there by Icelandic hero Grettir Ásmundarson.
Snaking road
Over the other sideHaze on winter mountains
IceThe ice is melting, perhaps spring is on its way.Hidden cave messagesThe cave is called horseshoe-cave as its shape reminds one of a horse hoof
Cave GuestbookHidden cave messages

The Treasures of Skipalaekur: Bridge Trophies11.02.10

We have been working on beating granny in playing cards on quiet winter evenings at Skipalækur, but so far we have failed badly. Well, I guess she has a bit of experience in Bridge playing, but to be honest I can’t remember beating granny in anything, ever.


Fellabridge – Highest points 2009


Fellabridge – Highest points 2007


Fellabridge – Highest points 2005


Shots from Skipalaekur10.02.10

In Icelandic they talk about “to shoot over there” if they are going on an excursion or doing a short trip somewhere. Even though this way of speaking sounds as if the trip is going to be very quick I know from experience that often it is actually just a cozy and calm day trip.

We did a shot the other day, and shot ourselves over to Mine Pass (Námaskarð) by Midge Lake (Mývatn). A short and lovely drive through Glacier Dale (Jökuldalur) and Galium Dale (Möðrudalur) where you can feel the spirit of the very independent man Bjartur lived, or rather – worked his life away. (Referring to a novel by our Nobel Prize Winner Halldór Laxness.)

Those two shots are from Námaskarð Hot Springs in the coldest of winter.
Burning frozen ground
Daytrip to Akureyri

Mount Wide Shoulder (Herðubreið) – the queen of our Mountains, hid under a duvet of clouds but here she is seen from air
Herðubreið from air

Skipalaekur Pancake Steps07.02.10

Pancake Step 1

Pancake Step 2

Pancake Step 3

Pancake Step 4