Skipalakur is an Icelandic Farm Holidays guesthouse located close to Egilsstadir (NW, 2.5km), East Iceland. For more information or questions please contact us.
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Iceland yelling hello19.04.10

We just got reminded that our land is totally alive and apparently has quite a moody character.

You have probably heard about the eruption in South Iceland that has been blocking all flights in Europe for the last days. Luckily we are safe here in the east and haven’t seen a dash of ash from the eruption. For more information on the eruption visit
No one is in real danger here in Iceland and we are hoping Eyjafjallajökull will shuss down soon.

Easter Yum04.04.10

In Iceland holidays are taken very seriously. There is always large quantities of food to encourage celebration.

Chocolate Egg with weird blue hatted bird


Yum Yum

Crackers, cheese & orange juice.

It is important to keep the chocolate in check.

Snow Flurry30.03.10

One moment the spring is here, the next winter bomb. Lesson learnt. Icelandic weather is a Piñata.
Snow Flurry

Borgarfjörður favourite29.03.10

The favourite of the East Fiords is by no doubt Borgarfjordur. This fiord is a must to visit and it is only about an hour from Skipalaekur. Around Borgarfjörður and Víkur there are many walks to do, elves to visit and mountains and sunsets to die for. Every time you visit Borgarfjörður it is decorated with different colours, constantly surprising with the great mountain doors waking over the little town. Borgarfjord, which in summer seems so friendly, has a totally different character in winter, to say the least. Personally, I like both.
My great uncle which lives in Borgarfjordur calls the place weather hell, I guess for a reason.
Borgarfjordur Ocean
Borgarfjörður's Svartfell
Bakkagerði in Borgarfjordur
Staðarfjall in Borgarfjörður
Borgarfjordur sports hall – the little community has built this great hall where the locals play football of much enthusiasm and ambition.
Borgarfjörður sports hall
In summer the puffin (Lundi) would be flying around here in stead of the snowflakes

Sláturhús Culture27.03.10

Egilsstaðir Culture Centre is located in an old butchery. The centre is open for the community to meet, exhibit work, play and share. It is also open to visitors! 700IS Reindeerland experimental film and video festival just finished there and we are expecting ongoing events there all summer.
Egilsstaðir culture
Sláturhúsið Culture Centre
Sláturhús culture
Sláturhús exhibition

Seyðisfjörður Shot27.03.10

Seyðisfjörður is only 25 minutes drive away from Skipalækur. Seydisfiord has an interesting history and when the capital of Iceland was announced, the choice was between Seyðisfjörður and Reykjavík. (Much like Wellington and Collingwood in New Zealand) Seydisfjordur has many attractions and cultural events going on all summer – the Norröna Smyril Line ferry stops in Seyiðisfjörður. The Seyðisfjörður mountains are stunning – so high that in winter when the sun is the lowest it doesn’t reach over the mountain peeks for weeks.
Seydisfjordur daytrip
Seyðisfjörður mountain

Shot down South26.03.10

The precious East Fiord chain is fun to visit and the Southern once are spectacular in winter. They are only a shot-trip* from Skipalækur, around one hours drive from here.
*the Icelandic way of saying “day trip” or “excursion” – they are always in a hurry.
East Fiords mountains

700IS experimental video festival18.03.10

700IS International experimental film and video festival in East Iceland is starting 20 March. It will be a massive film bomb in Egilsstaðir and all around, finishing in Eiðar on 27 March.

For program check out


Today everything was submerged in a soft fog.
Smallest Ferry Stone





Neighbour Erna competes Paralympics17.03.10

Our neighbour Erna Friðriksdóttir (Erna Fridriksdottir) competed the 2010 Winter Paralympics in Vancouver, Canada. She is the first Icelandic alpine skier ever to be qualified to the Paralympics. You can see her profile here. Unfortunately she got disqualified for the second run but we believe she is already preparing for the Paralympics 2014 in Russia.

Erna is extremely commited and competitive in her practice and for her obstacle don’t seem to exist. We are very proud of her, congratulations Erna!

She is one few, if not the only one from our little township decorating the flora of wikipedia .