Skipalakur is an Icelandic Farm Holidays guesthouse located close to Egilsstadir (NW, 2.5km), East Iceland. We are open all year!

Borgarfjörður favourite29.03.10

The favourite of the East Fiords is by no doubt Borgarfjordur. This fiord is a must to visit and it is only about an hour from Skipalaekur. Around Borgarfjörður and Víkur there are many walks to do, elves to visit and mountains and sunsets to die for. Every time you visit Borgarfjörður it is decorated with different colours, constantly surprising with the great mountain doors waking over the little town. Borgarfjord, which in summer seems so friendly, has a totally different character in winter, to say the least. Personally, I like both.
My great uncle which lives in Borgarfjordur calls the place weather hell, I guess for a reason.
Borgarfjordur Ocean
Borgarfjörður's Svartfell
Bakkagerði in Borgarfjordur
Staðarfjall in Borgarfjörður
Borgarfjordur sports hall – the little community has built this great hall where the locals play football of much enthusiasm and ambition.
Borgarfjörður sports hall
In summer the puffin (Lundi) would be flying around here in stead of the snowflakes

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